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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Florida for Retirement

There are many reasons to decide to call Florida home, and nestled in picturesque Lake Suzy, here are ten to make The Preserve your next home.

1. Sunshine Weather: Obviously this is the main selling point for any retiree considering a move to Florida. There are no driveways to shovel, no icy conditions to drive in, no need for snow boots, shovels or ice scrapers. As a result, Florida is lush and green year round. Our nickname is "The Sunshine State, adopted officially by Florida legislature in 1970. The sunny days and warm temps will draw you to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico and is not a result of brilliant marketing but of Florida's prime location as the closest state to the equator.

2. Beaches: World-famous white sand beaches that tempt you to ditch your shoes, and the crystal clear waters are ideal for relaxing and soaking in or swimming. Discover the love of shelling and enjoy spectacular sunsets that are breathtaking. Florida State Parks, Kayaking, Marine Life, Water Activities, Picnics and so much more!

3. Tax Breaks: Florida has no state income tax, which means Social Security, retirement benefits, pension income and income from an IRA or a 401(k) are all untaxed. Florida has no estate or inheritance tax.

4. Fishing: Known for flats, mangroves, reefs, wrecks, lakes, canals, deep-water trenches—you name it, Florida's got it. Florida has some of the largest and longest-running fishing tournaments in the world Florida fishing charters have built up a serious reputation among anglers from around the world. Known as "The Sportfishing Capital of the World," Florida is nothing less than an angler's heaven. Choose between the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico, the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, or the state's endless freshwater fisheries. Wherever you go, you'll find gamefish galore and enough tasty table fish to feed family friends.

5. Active Adult Communities: Explore your surroundings and participate in the activities such as game nights, group classes, planned activities or programs that are offered within your community. Don't be afraid to try new things...Enjoy all the different amenities that your community offers, such as Tennis, Swimming, Billiards, Pickleball, Fishing, Arts Crafts, Bingo, Petanque and so much more! Having an active social life during your golden years is important, you can find great pleasure in discovering new friendships and build your social circle right in your neighborhood.

6. Fresh Seafood Restaurants Great Food: Since there are so many types of fresh catches available, dinner can sometimes be a difficult decision. Catch of the Day! You cant go wrong with this fish, as it was probably still flopping around the kitchen when you walked in the door for dinner. Whatever your favorite cuisine is, youll find it somewhere near us!

7. Housing Costs: Simply stated, housing costs are less expensive in Florida than most other locations in the country. Plus, there are numerous active communities like The Preserve, dedicated to retirees and snowbirds.

8. Golf: Florida is the golf capital of the world, with some 1,100 courses in every corner of the state, waiting to challenge everyone under the sun. No two golf courses are alike in Florida, indeed some are spectacularly different.

9. Arts and Culture: The Cultural Center is a wonderful place near The Preserve to attend shows and concerts. There are plenty of terrific options near us from Fort Myers to Tampa.

10. Amusement Parks: Come and enjoy the magic of Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Theme parks, water parks, sports facilities, shopping, dining, entertainment areas can be found throughout the great state of Florida. Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Cape Canaveral, Universal Studios are just a few more exciting attractions and places to visit with family and children of all ages.